Since times are so, we are in transition, I am learning to relax and take are of myself…. so what else to do then start my own alteration business right?

I am in orange beach, Alabama and let me tell you it is beautiful! I went around to local businesses, to shopping center and the like yesterday. I handed out quite a few business cards. I even handed some out to locals who had overheard me pitching in the store and also wanted my card. I had very positive responses. That aspect is going quite well. 

I also now have my own studio. I have two antique sewing machines (one electric and one is a manual push petal) a domestic, and a serger, tons of threads, all my tools (array of scissors/rulers/guides/books/needles/) , a couch, a recliner, two dress forms, a table and all of my jewelry tools, mirrors, lots of windows that show me a beautiful view of the lake through the trees. I’m in heaven.

In a month after I have perfected some more jewelry with help from Robbie Wolfe, I will go around to businesses and do my “side hustle” as Sam puts it.

On another note, I gave my first students recommendation today, it felt good to help someone find a job.

I am truck-in along and feeling positive about this year. I feel it will prove to be productive but restful.