Ok, so as of late i have been slacking on my goal to “post at least one blog a month”. I’ve been busy, which is amazing for summer in NYC so yay for getting lots of gigs. So while waiting to load in costumes for my latest design (we finished early and are now waiting on the car service) i thought I’d pop on here just talk a bit about sharing.

Being still a newcomer to NYC (3 years this may), i find myself sometimes overwhelmed at the amount of sources out there and often don’t know where to begin or i haven’t quite honed in my favorite and most handy sources (that Rolodex is slowly building along with notes to remind me).

What is super handy is the amount of friends i have made and kept in the costume industry. I feel like i should preface this….we are in a field where it is overcrowded, and jobs seem to be fewer and fewer to meet the need of everyone, so often we are taught to be super competitive. while this is important, yes always remain on your game (never know where your next job will come from), it is also important to make contacts that are in your specific field. I cherish the friends i have made and am grateful on occasion to be able to put out feelers or an email or phone call for something i am desperately trying to find for a show i am doing.  It is a godsend. and i love being able to help another frazzled designer out too! Now, I also want to stress how great the friendships you make are because say you have a stressful situation or job, these ladies (men too) understand and won’t look at you like you have grown another head when you are freaking out about not being able to find the perfect shoe, can’t cope with all the travel and moving, dealing with an unruly performer or diva, your hands looking so ugly do to all you do with them, or a weird situation that would not occur anywhere but costumes.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say with this post other than, i guess: “don’t shut people out for fear that they are your competition. You never know how they will rock your world, help you with their brilliance, or just be a beacon to bounce ideas off of.”

So in short, THANK YOU costume friends, you know who you are.



promise to finally do all the posts i have not finished just sitting in my Que.