Anyone who does anything related to clothing knows how stressful wedding items can be, especially when they involve someone close to you, well not this one. I was able to work on this veil in between tech and during downtime, it was actually kind of relaxing. I had my mom take some basic measurements for me of Katie’s head circumference and from her crown to her mid back so I knew how long to make it, and vola, veil.
I bought the fabric at a very nice and well priced indian fabric store on 8th ave the name escapes me, I just remember that they were open on a sunday (the only day I had to shop for it that week) and they gave me an awesome price then I found a tiara @ one of those many find anything jewelry stores between 38th and 34th. i took and already embroidered fabric and cut and shaped it into a teardrop shape, finished off all edges, did some new embroidery and beadwork, tied off everything, then gathered it along with some shaped tulle to the tiara. It was nice to do something for my sister in law. I made her veil, and it came out nice if i do say so myself and the hand work that was involved was very relaxing. She had a really simple and elegant dress, so I was able to design something kinda showy and not overpower her whole look. She also was not a “bridezilla” and trusted me to just choose and do it. so I just wanted to share. Here it is on the beautiful bride! Kathryn Rehome my new sister (i’ve been meaning to post this since may…oops)