My biggest and most important “project” as of late is my baby boy. Yes that’s right, I had a baby. A boy at that. I am loving every minute of it. I hesitated at first putting this on my blog, ¬†(he’s three¬†and a half now) knowing that some may see me less dedicated (as my times gets more divided) but i need you to know all of me. My family helps makes me who i am and i love that little man…..realized I had taken a break from the blog for a while, but I’m back! Just wanted to blend personal and work life. Mix it up. Who you are influences your work. And my personal life is amazing…hoping it rubs off on my designs. Just cause I have a life outside theater, doesnt mean i dont still love for my art. I’m still an artist. I’m a lover of learning! Having a blast learning every day, thanks to my hilarious shadow, my Coney Island, beach loving, my little pony, vehicle fiend.