So as most people who k ow me know, I have a kid. A kid who hates full costumes. Quite frankly I don’t blame him. I never did like Halloween and I have face paint and having to dress up for costume events. I know I know. How strange that this is the career I have chosen don’t get me wrong I love dressing other people! Ha. Well in May I got that opportunity. My son Keaton attended a nursery school where parents were encouraged to participate, be a guest reader, and share their talents. I thought well I have all of this extra fabric at home and a ton of left over spandex from others projects let’s do superhero capes. It was a hit. I precut all the spandex bases in one easy no sew piece. Roughly this shape:

I cut 18 of those before arriving and then assembled precut squares of fabric for the children to choose. Add some glue and some buttons and shiny rhinestones and they were set! They turned out great and after dried their teachers took pictures of them for me. See below:

It was a  simple low stress project that didn’t require too much prep or clean up. It was nice to share with the kids.