A Visual Clothing Artist Designing Interesting Characters

Professional Bio: An Alabama Native, Rachel Dozier-Ezell is an NYC-based freelance costume designer & technician. Currently, she is the Costume Director at The New School for Drama, resident artist with the Classical Theater of Harlem, company member of MTWorks, and costume consultant for Trisha Brown Dance Company. In addition to costume design her skills include costume management, hair & make-up design, crafts artistry, draping, distressing, shopper, dyeing, and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level. Rachel Has a BFA in costume design and technology from The University of Montevallo and an MFA in Costume Design from The University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign. Rachel is always looking to connect with other companies and artists with similar goals and passions.

Getting Personal: “My passion is for new work for theater and performance that is always socially and/or politically engaging. Call me an idealist, but I love working on art that dares to challenge the norm or ask the question why. I feel it is important that theater fuels knowledge and promotes change and awareness of the world around us whether it asks a question or creates beauty and laughter that allows a person to continue being an active member in her world and community. I am always looking to connect with other companies and artists that share these goals and passions. I am in constant search to learn something new. In my ‘free time,’ I enjoy dancing in the rain with my son and husband and getting inked.” I also make earrings that I sell on Etsy.

— Rachel