Finding a job can be tedious, we all hate looking, but when who you know isn’t enough there is help. Below you will find websites that list jobs in theatre. Hope this helps someone.

Job search websites for costumes:

worn through jobs- (costume design, textiles, and fashion)

Costume Society of America-

get costume jobs-

Association for theatre in higher education- (teaching jobs)

Production Hub- (must have paid subscription (film jobs)-


NYFA (just NYC)-
Craigs list- (i’ve found good stuff in the creative and gigs area) (sometimes)
NETC- (teaching jobs) (teaching jobs)

ESTA Job Board (technical theatre work)
The Crew Pool (road work mostly and wardrobe)

As an added note if you are looking to start an online portfolio is a simple and free website where you can create a place to upload your portfolio. I used this before I had my website designed for me. You can also look for jobs through this sight too. I hope this is helpful. Please add any if you have some that i have not listed….