I haven’t written in a while and this makes me sad. I started this blog to discuss ideas and things related to costumes, clothing, and the human condition. I did this after finding a lack of personal theatre and performance costume blogs (again if anyone knows of any please let me know i’m always up to find another fellow blogger to discuss current trends, ideas, and tips with) I don’t have any specific topic today, just an assortment of ramblings that I have collected over the last two months. Here goes:

Alexander McQueen is now designing for target? don’t know whether i like this or not.

Forever 21 is now carrying plus sizes, along with other companies I never thought would. I was in the gap yesterday and saw size 20 jeans. I market has finally realized that the average woman is about a 12-14. Since this directly affects purchasing for modern shows, i am pleased to be able to provide an actress with a more comfortable fitting and attractive garment (granted that the budget or time doesn’t allow for a build) for a decent price and a way to get basic looks locally.

I too will be jumping in the DIY train and am starting an etsy page with my jewelry design. I have 3 basic lines. the first is called “a piece of the sea” taken from the local beaches and integrating nature with metal and wire working. the second is called “grandma’s attic” using recycled materials and antique keys, rulers, pins, etc. the third being called “small world” where all the beads are made from recycled newspaper, magazines, and junk mail.

now that i have this new fascination with tattoo art (i recently got a neck tattoo that i designed) i would love to translate some of this artwork to clothing. I’ve seen some half body tribal art that would be wonderful as designs on leather either through embossing, skiving, stitching, or cut away. just an idea i wanted to write down to remember for later.

If it wasn’t for stumbleupon, i would never find the most amazing websites, i applaud this program even though sometimes its a complete time waster (i once spent 4 hrs on it!) it narrows its search results to give you websites that match your interest, its also my way of keeping in touch with fashion movements, blogs, and info….

During my two months of discovery this is what i have learned about myself as a designer:

i love organic design. i work best when inspired, by art, by nature. i find the most interesting ideas about clothing through abstract nature based art. black n white photography intrigues me and makes me feel nostalgic. architecture plays a big part in my designs as well. when designing jewelry i usually have a vague plan but often come up with something better during the process. I’m not afraid of color. i love mixing patterns to help create texture, i have to have texture unless clean is required.

i have started a shop on Etsy and am really into the DIY movement check out my shop: http://www.greengrandma.etsy.com

in other news….

I’m moving to NYC in August after my summer work is through. My Husband was recently accepted into The New School for fiction writing and so I will be dipping my toes in the scary, cold, freelance pool in NYC. I have several friends and past co workers currently there but you can never have enough friends. So shoot me an email if that’s where you are and you want to discuss, well… anything! I’m excited about this new chapter in my life.