I’m currently designing Trojan Women. I have 21 women including named characters and chorus. They are in hospital gowns w/ detention center identification stamped on them, prisoner numbers tattooed on their inner left calfs, and bruising, etc. and they are in socks. The stage is to look like a once great palace burned down to rubble. I didn’t want them in shoes or slippers. I wanted them to look like their former clothes were stripped from them and this is what was issued. Socks were the next best thing to me besides bare feet. We decided against bare feet because of the rubble on the platforms. But the rubble is rubber bits so it’s still comfortable to maneuver in socks. That being said as the rubble moves around they have more area to slip. So I decided to make the socks non slip. Since my budget can not afford buying each female non slip white socks. I decided to make them. It’s really simple, so I thought I would include
Pics And a brief description. cost: about $30.00


start by pairing all socks (these were kmart special and i tried all them on the ladies first)


make a template to put inside sock (don’t forget left and right), this template i made out of leftover foam board we had in the shop. This helps to let the fabric paint dry and helps you see your surface area. Don’t cover the whole area you still need it to be able to stretch to the shape of the foot.


insert templates


start to apply in desired design. i like puff paint as my medium cause its machine washer and dryer safe and holds up best for laundering.


i did a zigzag dot pattern then went back and added small dots for extra coverage.



the socks drying now wait till tomorrow and take them in with me. overall it took about an hr 30. i just turned on some this american life and went to town assembly line style. and i’m so lucky to have my expandable antique dining room table to be able to do large projects. thanks betsy! (my mother in law)


and these are my fur babies that were absolutely no help in any of this. ah to be a cat.