So…it happened. I am now moving to New York, my husband and I move in this Saturday. We are in Manhattan but depending on who you ask we are also in the Bronx, basically we are by the harlem river. It is wonderful. I love our place, i love our location. I don’t know if people have just been ill informed or what, but i never once felt unsafe or offended while visiting. Everyone i met was really nice, super helpful and got stuff done!  I am proud to now call myself a New Yorker.

On another note, why I started this post in the first place….

This past week I went to see a broadway show. I chose to see August: Osage County. I have one word to describe it- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! It was so well performed, written, designed, and all together just a class act. I will say that it is one of those shows where you start noticing familiar family members pop out from the stage. You may start to think, “I know that person” or “that is so my/your family.” Needless to say the reviews have been right and I highly recommend if you have not had a chance to see this play, to go!

I also while in NYC visited with a friend at Penn and Fletcher and saw some wonderful designs and artwork.

Next on my list? visit FIT and see their exhibits and see another show, maybe a musical this time?

Today’s featured designer on the blog:

Last year we said a sad goodbye to costume designer Alvin Colt, he passed away at age 91 click below for the full NYTimes article: