I have tons and tons of cards and places bookmarked on my computer from where I have ordered a specialty item online, it occurred to me, why not document these things and share the ones I use the most. the following are either websites or contact info with a description of what i have purchased. more to come, and i will try to remember to keep adding to this list:

hobby lobby- i go here for chains of office, coins, period jewelry, and their christmas ornaments are amazing for large decorative jewelry ornamentation.

cheap men’s formal gloves in black, white, and grey and with real men’s sizing: http://www.nedrebos.com/index.php/tuxedos/coats

argile socks and plus fours- http://www.golfknicker.com

specialty belt buckles- http://www.bucklecity.com

leather & craft items for belts, etc.- http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/

nice and reasonable priced men’s suits- http://www.menswearhouse.com

when i’m surching for clothing that is cheap i use this site- http://www.nextag.com

specialty zippers and some buttons- http://www.zipperstop.com

frock coats and period menswear- http://www.theoldwestgallery.com and http://www.gentlemansemporium.com

plain linen tunic, or peasant dyeable items, dyes, and large quantities of dyeable fabric- http://www.dharmatrading.com/

retro fabrics and vintage style buttons- http://www.reprodepotfabrics.com/

when in wisconsin i’ve used this place for shoes/boots- (the shoe box) http://www.shoptheshoebox.com/

period shoes and ankle boots/stacy adams at a decent price- http://www.zappos.com/

Fabric- http://www.distinctivefabric.com/

(if you ever need a matte black cording use tie line your lighting designer will know where to get it (its much cheaper than purchasing through a fabric source)

if you need nice men’s hats- http://www.menshats.com/

more to come when i have more time to add…

this stuff that was passed along to me:

Just felt like sharing this. Its The Anal Retentive Rocky Horror Costume List (rockyhorrorcostumelist.info).  It’s your number one source for making and finding perfectly screen accurate costumes. It has in-depth, detailed instructions with great pictures for guides, as well as sections on makeup, accesories, and so much more. I think a must have for any costume source list.
Way Out West in Montana   http://www.wyoboot.com For used cowboy and work boots at amazingly incredible prices!  John is great and has always helped me out when I was looking for a certain style.  You can get a pair of boots for $30!  I have used them to create period shoes or I have ordered them and used them as is.  This site is a godsend, to be sure.