3 movements: Tilted Arc, Emerged Nation, & Kinetic Kinship

Elisa Monte Dance Company

Choreography: Tiffany Rea-Fisher

Music: Twelve45, Kevin Keller

Lighting: Michael Cole

Photography: Steven Pisano

The company wears a combination of different styles of bandage/wrap crop tops. The tops are a spandex 4 way stretch to allow for dancers to expand and move while allowing the tops to not shift or bunch. The print choices of the top fabric will reflect how the company identifies themselves through their collective culture. This will allow individual looks while still tying into an overarching theme. Wrap pant fabric: Large squares of fabric sewn together to create one larger fabric comprised of each ethnicity represented in the company as well as Native American, honoring the land on which we are dancing and those dancing on it. Patchwork fabric: The pant fabric is digitally created in an earth tone color pallet and printed onto Silky Faille. It is then pieced together to form a large combined fabric from which the wrap pants are cut out of. The cut of the pant and type of fabric allow for full range of movement, legs to peek out of the side of the pant legs, while also allowing for legs to be protected during floor work. The fabric becomes a metaphor, forming a melting pot of America based on the company’s backgrounds and the contributions of the American and immigrant experience.