Attempts on Her Life

Seventeen scenes make up this ambitious and highly original work, ranging from just a page to much longer dialogues.A woman with various identities links all the scenes: she is the heroine of a film in one, a victim of civil war in another, an international terrorist, a porn star, and the subject of a conversation among friends. She is the living embodiment of Crimp's underlying declaration that coherent identity in the modern world is little more than myth.

Director Diane Machin

Production Stage Manager Melissa Richter *

Assistant Stage Manager Jenn Gallo

Scenic Design Maiko Chii+

Costume Design Rachel Dozier-Ezell

Lighting Design Carolyn Wong+

Sound Design Käri Berntson

Student Projections Designer Mitchell Hoover

Student Assistant Director Jane Skapek

Student Assistant Sound Designer Addie Gomes

Intimacy and Fight Choreographer Judi Lewis Ockler

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